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SoVail, So What? In the heart of Colorado ski country is a region with some of the most spectacular mountain beauty found anywhere in the continental United States, an area freshly-named SoVail (“South of Vail”). The South of Vail region is an oddly-shaped rectangle approximately 50 miles long and about 20 miles wide, encompassing everything mountain- lovers crave.

This region, near the center of Colorado, contains mountain views that rival, and possibly even surpass, those in the Rocky Mountain National Park. In total, SoVail contains eleven 14ers (the term for mountains with peak elevations above 14,000 feet) that frame SoVail’s Big Valley. The 3 highest mountains in Colorado – Mt. Elbert, Mt. Massive and Mt. Harvard – all help form the boundary of SoVail. This is mighty big mountain country!

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